Hi there,

I’ve been thinking of creating a blog for some time time now. Collecting my thoughts about life, my career and what drives me as a human being.

I’m a musician and creator. Though I don’t write music as a full time career, it’s not exactly a past time either.

Lately I’ve been experiencing some other activities which my own musical creativity and output have benefitted from immensely. One of these is teaching. Being able to articulate your own ideas on a creative process for others to absorb is a very good way of revisiting and understanding something you can well overlook yourself.

I am also a runner. My wife introduced me to running many years ago, inspiring and igniting a passion in me that over the years has become part of me. I draw on my running for mental wellness, and also to gain a deeper insight into other aspects of my life. Running for me quietens the mind, and allows for a space to be created where thoughts and feelings can pass through, whilst just being observed.

It is like an oracle. I will refer to running a lot throughout my writing from this point onwards.

My journey in life is much like anyone else. We have a finite time on this earth and our object really is to be at peace as much as we can. It’s not always like that- but just acknowledging this mere fact re-establishes our connection to peace that little bit quicker.

Every day that passes I discover something new, through myself, my children and the world around me, that helps me understand the nature of us a little more.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I am.