Dov Waterman is the founder of Forksound -  a classically trained pianist, production music composer and educator. 

Earlier in his career, he performed and toured with BBC World Music Award winners MOMO, co-written and produced music with Indie Music Award nominated Naama Hillman, and fellow composer and BAFTA Juror Rhett Brewer.

Dov now writes music and sound design for a handful of publishers working within the film and TV advertising industry both in theUK and the US. Recent trailer credits include sound design and composition for Terminator Genisys (Paramount/Skydance), After Earth (Sony Pictures), Face Off (SYFY), Legend quest (SYFY), The Quiet Ones (Hammer Film Productions), As Above So Below (Legendary Pictures), Bioshock (2K Games) and Transformers-The Last Knight (Paramount Pictures).

He is also an audio editor and sound designer and over the past few years edged more towards the very detailed, and often overlooked, realm of sample library production and development where he has been pushing the boundaries of the technology and tools available to composers and producers.

Dov is also an educator, mentor and facilitator at the Tileyard Education facility, guiding newcomers to the industry in identifying and honing their skills and finding their own innate talent.